Phonak Roger Pen will help you hear better

Phonak Roger Pen in three coloursWith modern advances in hearing aid technology, how well hearing aids work in the most challenging of acoustic environments have come on in leaps and bounds. However there are still limitations to how much hearing aids alone can help. This is where we can call in the help of a friend called Roger. Meet an important part of Roger – Phonak Roger Pen.

Phonak Roger System

A Phonak Roger system is a bundle of additional pieces of equipment that can be used in conjunction with most existing brands and models of hearing aids. It also works well with most BAHA’s and cochlear implants too.

If you think of it this way, hearing instruments have their limitations, of course they do. Put aside the overblown marketing hyperbole you might read on various websites. Particularly from the various hearing aid manufacturers!

Phonak Roger is equipment that is designed to plug the gaps that can’t be addressed entirely by hearing aids alone.

Phonak Roger Pen

Comprising at least one transmitter and at least one receiver, one of the most popular transmitters available is the Phonak Roger Pen.

It is the heart of a Phonak Roger system. The […]