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Ear Gear LogoWhat is Ear Gear made from? The Ear Gear sleeve is composed of a nylon-spandex blend. On corded models the cord is a polyester-rubber blend.

Can Ear Gear be washed? Yes it can. As Ear Gear is made of spandex it can be washed many times and still maintains its elasticity. We recommend hand washing Ear Gear in a mild detergent, then rinse your Ear Gear under cold running water and allow it to drip dry. Ear Gear should not be put in the washing machine or dryer.

Can Ear Gear protect hearing instruments from dust, sweat and moisture? Ear Gear has a unique double wall of spandex that provides protection against dust, sweat, rain, and moisture of all kinds. What is interesting about Ear Gear is that the spandex actually absorbs moisture, and prevents it from reaching the hearing instrument’s microphone port, battery door, and sensitive interior circuitry. Be sure to remove your hearing instrument from the Ear Gear after use to allow it to dry for the next use. While Ear Gear provides an effective protection against moisture, it is not ‘waterproof’ and therefore is not suitable for swimming, showering or very heavy sweating.

how-to-measure-hearing-aid-for-ear-gearIs Ear Gear available in different models and sizes? Yes, Ear Gear is available in a variety of models, colours and sizes. The Ear Gear Mini Curved fits hearing aids smaller than 1.25″ (or 3.2cm). Ear Gear Original is designed to fit hearing aids from 1.25 to 2 inches (3.2cm to 5cm). If you are unsure please contact us in the first instance.

How do I know which size of Ear Gear to order? You can see from the image how to measure your hearing aid and decide which Ear Gear is most suitable for you, also click here for a useful guide of the most common NHS aids and which size of ear Gear fits best. For privately supplied hearing aids or if you are unsure please email us your brand and model and we will advise you.

installHow do I install my Ear Gear onto my hearing aids? It’s very easy to install your Ear Gear onto your hearing aids, click here.

Can I use Ear Gear without removing my ear mould / dome? Yes. Reverse Loading allows any hearing instrument to have Ear Gear installed on it, without having to remove the earmould / dome.

What kind of guarantee comes with the product? If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of Ear Gear within 1 year of the date of purchase, please return it for a full refund or exchange.

Free UK ShippingDoes Ear Gear affect the quality and level of sound coming into my hearing instruments? This graph is the result from a electroacoustical analysis test performed by Oticon . The green line shows sound coming into a hearing aid without Ear Gear and the pink line shows the sound quality with Ear Gear. The results of this audioscan test indicate that there is no more than a 1 dB reduction with Ear Gear (essentially, it is transparent) and no reduction with directional systems.

What are the shipping costs? We offer FREE SHIPPING to UK addresses, if you want us to ship to the EU shipping is £3.00 per order, and outside the EU we charge £4.00 shipping everywhere else.

OK, I’m convinced, I want to buy the product, where is it? The range of Ear Gear products can be found HERE