Oticon Dynamo colour variations

Oticon Dynamo is the most powerful super power BTE hearing aid available with a size 13 battery. Packed with features, water repellant and shock resistant. All the connectivity options shared with the rest of the Oticon range, the Oticon Dynamo is one hot little number!

Oticon Speech Rescue and Speech Guard ESome of the benefits you will discover with Oticon Dynamo;

  • Participate more actively in life by making better sense of sound.
  • Hear high frequency sounds such as “s” and “th”.
  • Engage more freely in conversation by hearing more speech details than ever before.
  • Hear sound customised to your personal preferences.
  • Give hugs and make phone calls without annoying whistling.
  • Enjoy a reliable 24/7 companion, regardless of weather or activity.

Speech Rescue and Speech Guard

Helps you communicate clearly. When you have severe to profound hearing loss you don’t just need extra power. You need clear, authentic sound quality. Oticon Dynamo Speech Rescue and Speech Guard E features protect important natural details such as the pitch and tone of a person’s voice, to make them easier to identify and follow.

Spatial Noise Management

Helps you stay focused. Oticon Dynamo Spatial Noise Management feature makes busy situations more manageable by prioritising speech over noise. This makes it easier for you to locate and follow the person talking. Dynamo also has Directional Microphones. These automatically dampen any noise coming from the sides and behind to help you focus on the voices you want to hear.

Oticon Dynamo is a powerful hearing aid that gives you maximum hearing power without compromising on high sound quality. One reason for this is Inium Sense feedback shieldSP. This new and effective feedback control system lets you enjoy everyday life, without worrying about annoying and sometimes embarrassing whistling.

It means whether you’re on the phone, giving a friend a hug or eating, you can be confident, comfortable and live life to the fullest.

Oticon Dynamo is rugged and durable

When you need to wear hearing aids full-time, they must be reliable, tough and easy to use, whatever your lifestyle. Oticon Dynamo is a reliable companion you can count on.

  • nano-coated and IP58 classified – ensuring that the hearing aids can withstand exposure to dust and water.
  • completely biocompatible and hypoallergenic – contains no harmful substances, such as phthalates and nickel.
  • extremely ergonomic, quick and easy to navigate. Has a user-friendly volume roller wheel to adjust volume to your desired level quickly and easily. Also a raised programme button, making it easy to find and handle the button.

Oticon ConnectLine

Connectline offers clear access to phones and TVs. Oticon ConnectLine can turn your Dynamo’s into a personalised, hands-free headset. The ConnectLine solution can pick up the signal from your phone, mobile, MP3, PC or TV and send it wirelessly to your ears. The entire system is controlled by the Streamer Pro.

The Oticon Dynamo is available in 4 levels of technology, Dynamo 4 is entry level, Dynamo 6 is a mid range offering, Dynamo 8 is at advanced level, and the Dynamo 10 is the premium product in the range.

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