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Oticon Ruby is a hearing aid in the Oticon essentials category with 2.4GHz Bluetooth – a quantum leap forward for the whole essentials category of hearing aids!

Oticon has unveiled a new powerful, yet cost-effective, hearing aid. The Oticon Ruby is a new innovation from the pioneers of BrainHearing™ and offers forward-thinking lifestyle enhancing technologies in an instrument with superb sound quality never before seen in the essentials category.

Oticon Ruby has great connectivity

Notably, Ruby includes the revolutionary internet connectivity that made a splash in the headlines globally for the premium Oticon Opn hearing aid. It is the world’s first hearing aid at these price points with 2.4GHz Bluetooth low energy technology.

Brain Hearing Powered by VeloxOticon Ruby is built on Oticon’s proprietary ultra-fast Velox S platform used in the ultra successful OPN model. Ruby has the same high-resolution sound processing that is 50 times faster than ever before in the essential category. It provides high-speed sound compression and amplification so that users always have stable audibility in a broader sound range than their hearing loss would otherwise allow.

Oticon Ruby is powered by Velox

With the power of Velox, Oticon Ruby will enable you to focus on speech in more difficult situations better than ever before in this category. Ruby automatically switches between listening modes to precisely adapt to varying sound environments. This is due to super-fast Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX technology.

The smooth transitions ensure that users enjoy a more comfortable listening experience at all times, even when noise becomes intrusive. This is further enhanced by the advanced Noise Reduction LX feature which, powered by Velox, is fast enough to even reduce noise between words. Wind Noise Management decisively reduces wind noise. Transient Noise Management rapidly removes the discomfort of sudden, loud noises.

Oticon Ruby connects more people to everyday technology. The world’s first hearing aid in the essentials category with 2.4GHz Bluetooth low energy technology, Ruby enables wireless connectivity to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices. This includes any modern smartphone, and is fully compatible with Oticon’s ConnectClip. Transforming Ruby into a wireless headset for smartphones, tablets and computers.

If This Then That – IFTTT

What’s more, this advanced entry-level hearing aid provides users with the boundless possibilities of internet connectivity.

Using the Oticon ON App, which links Oticon Ruby with the IFTTT network, users can connect to and control smart internet-connected devices and services, and fundamentally make everyday life easier.

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