Although the primary business of HAB Hearing is the supply of high quality hearing aids at great prices, we are often asked to help protect people’s hearing before the damage has been caused, in other words prevention before the cure!

We can supply ear protection against excessive noise levels for many varied applications, including hearing protection for those that work in noisy factories, ear plugs and filters for those involved in shooting (including the renowned Puretone Cens range), musicians earplugs and musicians in ear monitors, covert earpieces for those involved in the police and armed forces, and much more. We can also supply custom ear plugs for swimmers and sleep plugs for those that need a good night’s sleep.

You can of course buy cheap generic ear plugs by the box for little cost, but many people find them at best satisfactory, at worst uncomfortable and ineffective.

From around £80 upward, you can have custom made hearing protection that fits perfectly in the ear, is comfortable for extended wear and be sure you are protecting your ears against the damaging effects of excessive noise.

  • PROTECThear – A supersoft earplug attenuating sound at 85dB, ideal for industry, motorcyclists, sleep plugs etc. Cost – £120 including impressions.
  • Musicians Elacin Earplugs – offering a flat attenuation of 9dB, 15dB or 25dB. Cost – £190.00 including impressions.
  • Musicians In Ear Monitors – Cost – £ P.O.A.
  • For Shooters – CENS ProFlex DX and Sonic Valve – A range of protection for all types of shooting, clay, game or sporting, we can supply at all levels from a custom mould with a passive valve to the very advanced Puretone Cens DX5. Prices range from £125.00 to £725.00 including impressions.
  • Swimmers Plugs – For swimmers, wind surfers, canoeists or people with grommets, designed to float if you drop them in the water. Cost – £80.00 including impressions.
  • Covert and Custom Earpieces – For members of the military and police. Cost – £ P.O.A.
  • If you can’t see your requirements on the list please just email us, we may be able to help!