Digital to Analogue Audio Converter


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Digital to Analogue Audio Converter – £24.95

Some of the more recent televisions you see in the shops have a more limited range of audio outputs. We have seen some televisions recently with only 3.5mm, HDMI and Toslink audio outputs.

On a lot of televisions if you try to extract an audio output via the 3.5mm audio output to your TV streaming device this will mute the audio output from the television’s speakers. (Others in the room will not be able to hear the TV!)

Sometimes altering the settings in the menu system of your television can override this, but not always.

If you are using a TV streaming device with such a setup this leaves you with a dilemna, you have audio output from your TV either by HDMI or Toslink and your TV streaming device may not accept either method.

The Digital to Analogue Audio Converter bridges the gap, it can accept a Toslink (or digital coax) audio input from your TV and output to female phono (red and white RCA) audio sockets.

From there you can connect to your TV streaming device via the cables provided with it.

This item ships with a standard UK charger, 1x Digital to Analogue Audio Converter, 1x Toslink cable.

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