Phonak ComPilot Air II (Suitable for Phonak Venture and BeLong wireless hearing aids) – £199.00

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This product is available to UK customers only.

Phonak ComPilot Air II – the clip-on audio streamer. The small and stylish ComPilot Air II is focused on bluetooth technology, to connect Phonak Venture and BeLong hearing aids wirelessly mobile phones or bluetooth enabled music sources. It can also be use with the Phonak TV Link II or the Phonak RemoteMic. N.B. Please note that ComPilot Air II is not compatible with the older Phonak Quest, Spice or Core wireless hearing aids, please contact us if you need clarification.

Phonak Venture hearing aids include Phonak Audeo V and Audeo B (NOT Audeo B-Direct), Virto V, Bolero V and Bolero B and Naida V, and in the NHS all variations of Sky V and Nathos Auto. Older incompatible Phonak Quest hearing aids include Virto Q, Audeo Q and Bolero Q. Older incompatible Phonak Spice hearing aids include Ambra, Solana, Cassia and Audeo S Smart, Naida S and Naida S CRT. The ComPilot Air II will not work with non wireless Phonak hearing aid models or NHS supplied Phonak hearing aids previous to Sky V and Nathos Auto.

NB. This device does not need to be paired to your Phonak hearing aids for bluetooth streaming to work, you just need to make sure your Phonak hearing aids are wireless compatible. Petite models and CIC’s will not be compatible with it. If you want to use the RemoteControl app on your smartphone, to control volume and program changes on your hearing aids as well you will need to ask your local hearing professional to pair the device to your hearing aids. It’s a very simple two minute connect and pair but you may be charged a small fee by your hearing professional.

This product ships with a UK mains wall charger, the ComPilot Air II can also be charged via a USB to mini USB cable via your PC / laptop too.