Phonak RemoteMic (Use with ComPilot)


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Phonak RemoteMic – £191.00

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The wireless solution for noisy places. Suitable for Phonak Core, Spice, Quest Venture and Belong wireless hearing aids. (Not the newer Phonak Marvel or Phonak Paradise).

The wireless microphone Phonak RemoteMic is an easy solution for one to one conversation in noisy places. Let your partner wear the RemoteMic and even hear the conversation when looking around or at larger distance.

The RemoteMic is a Bluetooth-based wireless microphone optimised for ComPilot / ComPilot II. It is clipped onto the speakers clothing and sends the speech to the hearing instruments via your ComPilot.

8 hours of streaming, up to 20 metres streaming distance. Weighs less than 12 grams.

An increase of over 12dB SNR over wearing a hearing aid alone where distance from speakers voice is more than 2 metres. Provides excellent understanding in group situations or one-to-one conversations when distance listening is required

If you already have a ComPilot or a ComPilot II the RemoteMic can be added (no need for a visit to your audiologist, you can pair it yourself), otherwise you need to order a ComPilot too. If you are unsure you can contact us via our webform on the Contacts page with details before purchase and we will advise accordingly.

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