Siemens easyTek – £320.00

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Siemens easyTek. – Connectivity for ultimate convenience.

Whether worn on top of your clothing or discreetly hidden underneath, the lightweight and stylish easyTek wirelessly connects your hearing instruments to many different Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Sound from TVs, mp3 players, phones and other audio sources that emit bluetooth audio is fed directly into your ears. Additionally, it acts as a remote control and lets you adjust all your hearing instrument settings. Simply enjoy easy listening with easyTek.

If you have a device that does not emit wireless bluetooth audio you can purchase a Siemens Signia TV Transmitter and hook it up to any device that has an analogue audio output such as a TV, hifi etc, and this well broadcast the audio via bluetooth straight into the easyTek and onward into your ears.

Siemens easyTek does not work with all hearing aids in the Siemens range, it works with the newest wireless compatible versions of the Siemens Primax and Binax range (but not Siemens Ace which are non wireless). It is not backwards compatible with previous Siemens ranges.

It is also compatible with wireless versions of NHS issue Siemens Contrast, Teneo and Octiv hearing aids, if you see a ‘+’ in the title of the hearing aid it’s wireless, if not it isn’t.

N.B. Specsavers wireless hearing aids – The Specsavers version of the easyTek is different, actually called a Smart Connect. Typically Specsavers staff will say Specsavers Advance model ‘xyz’ is a Siemens hearing aid when actually it is a Rexton hearing aid under the hood, which uses the Smart Connect and not the easyTek. The Smart Connect looks and works the same as the easyTek. We can order Smart Connect if you email us in the first instance.

Our suggestion is that if you are unsure you contact us via our webform on the Contacts page with details before purchase and we will advise accordingly.

Supreme connectivity

  • Remote control and streamer in one small and stylish device
  • Transmits audio signals to both ears in true stereo
  • Bluetooth® wireless line-in input and direct audio input provide connectivity to devices such as TVs, VoiceLink, music players, laptops, smartphones and more
  • Reliable audio streaming with minimum power consumption for exceptionally reliable Bluetooth® and FM streaming
  • Multipoint system works with two phones at once
  • Streams audio from two transmitters
  • Added functions and possibilities with the easyTek App

Easy Handling

  • Discreet and convenient one-touch operation with the intuitive multi-function button
  • Automatic situation detection and adjustment of the function and controls for streaming, phone calls, programs, and external audio sources
  • Correct placement for reliable operation and excellent sound quality thanks to the neckloop antenna

NB. The Siemens easyTek does not need to be paired to your Siemens hearing aids by an audiologist for it to work, you can do this easily yourself. Press and hold the middle button of the easyTek until the green light flashes. Open and close your hearing aid battery doors, green light fades away. Pairing is complete. Some helpful videos