Siemens Signia Click and Life Domes – £12.95 per pack of domes.

Siemens Signia Click Sleeves – £18.95 per pack of sleeves.

Please take care when ordering that you know what size and type of dome / sleeve you require. Click domes and sleeves are NOT interchangeable with Life domes and regardless you should not change the size or type of dome that you are currently using without the advice and probably intervention with some programming adjustments of your hearing aids by your local hearing professional.

If in doubt please ask our advice or alternatively the company that supplied your hearing aids.

N.B. The design of the Click sleeve is in the process of being changed. The original click sleeve is clear in appearance and the newer design that is replacing it is a darker smokey appearance as per image above. Once stock runs out of the old design all Click sleeves will have the smokey appearance. The old and new design are otherwise interchangeable.

Siemens Signia Click domes and sleeves are suitable for all Siemens / Signia / Rexton RIC hearing aids that use both version 1.0 and 2.0 Click receiver wires (that have a speaker that sits in the ear canal), and also Signia Silk hearing aids.

Examples of suitability include for a 1.0 version Click receiver wire – Pure, Centra Activ, Cielo 2 Activ, Pure Carat and NHS Impact R. For a 2.0 version Click receiver wire – Pure and Ace Micon, Pure and Ace Binax, Pure and Ace Primax, Pure NX and NHS Octiv R.

Videos showing you how to change a Click dome, a Click sleeve and a Life dome.

The Siemens Life domes (often called life tips) are suitable for all current Siemens / Signia slim tube products (where sound is sent down a thin tube without a speaker in the ear) and most legacy thin tube products too, basically if the product has the word ‘Life’ in the title this type of dome will be suitable. Examples of suitability are Siemens and Signia Life, Intuis Life, Centra Life etc. and also Motion SX. Life domes are also suitable for NHS supplied slim tube products, such as NHS Reflex and Impact L and M, and NHS Octiv, Teneo and Contrast hearing aids fitted with slim tubes.

Siemens domes are available in these sizes;

Click domes (6 Pack) – Open – 4mm, 8mm, 10mm, Closed – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, Power 8-10mm and 10-12mm, Semi-Open (Tulip) – Standard

Click sleeves (6 pack) available vented or closed – xS vented or closed, Small vented or closed, Medium vented or closed, Large vented or closed

Life domes (10 Pack) – Open – 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, Closed – 8mm, Power 8-10mm and 10-12mm, Semi-Open (Tulip) – Standard

If you order the wrong size / type of dome but can return unopened and in a re-saleable condition we are happy to replace with the correct item, however we cannot accept opened packets that we cannot re-sell.

For guidance if you are unsure of the product to order look at the image above and measure and compare the diameter of one of your existing domes at its base.