Widex Micro M / Elan Tube – £5.95. When you select to purchase a left and a right tube at the same time a reduced price of £8.95 is available.

This listing is for a thin tube and NOT for a hearing aid.

The Widex Micro M slim tubes are suitable for all Widex Micro M BTE slim tube products. The Widex Elan slim  tubes are suitable for all Widex 9 series Elan slim tube products.

The product picture should give you a good indication of which product to purchase.

Widex Micro M tubes are available in sizes 0 to 5 and the Widex Elan tubes are available in sizes 1 to 5.

If you are unsure what to order please contact us with your model of hearing aid (with serial number if you have it) for advice before placing your order. Please be careful to make sure you know which size you are ordering as we can’t accept tubes back that have been used due to hygiene considerations.

We can supply a removal tool if required for an extra £2.00 which is needed to change the micro tubing, it is a very simple process and instructions are included in with the tool. Please contact us before we ship if you need a tool so we can supply with your micro tubes.

NB. At the end of the tube that points into your ear you will see a number, blue denotes a left tube, red denotes a right tube and the number itself is the size of the tube. Please select from the drop down menus the size of tube and the side you require.

Domes are here, hearing aid not included!

Thick tubes vs Thin Tubes