Starkey Soundlens deep in the ear canalThe Starkey SoundLens was the first custom, completely invisible, digital and fully programmable hearing aid.

It sits deep in the ear canal, far deeper than where most other commercially available hearing aids sit, making it practically invisible.

To the left is a picture of where a traditional CIC (Completely in Canal – in red) sits in the ear canal compared to the SoundLens (Invisible in Canal – in black). SoundLens fits comfortably inside the second bend of your ear canal— completely out of sight.

Despite it’s minute size the SoundLens is packed with the best of Starkey’s innovative leading edge technology. Including one of the best feedback managers in the business and class leading noise reduction and speech preservation systems.

The result is a 100% invisible hearing aid that is designed to deliver the ultimate in performance, comfort and personalisation.

The SoundLens by Starkey is the ideal hearing aid for people who are active and on the go, demanding the ultimate in discreet hearing aids with the best technology on offer.

The Starkey SoundLens is a unique product. Here are a selection of some questions you might have about the Starkey SoundLens.

Is the Starkey SoundLens really invisible?

The SoundLens sits at the second bend of the ear canal. Its faceplate starts where most CIC hearing aids end. It is so far inside the ear canal to be to all intents and purposes invisible.

Is the Starkey SoundLens suitable for everyone?

The SoundLens will only fit certain dimensions of ear canal. If your ear canal is too narrow, has too tight a bend, or other contra indications are present such as excessive waxy ear canals or perforated eardrums for instance, the SoundLens may not be the product for you. In these cases other discreet hearing aids may be more advisable to consider. Around half of potential ear canals end up being suitable for SoundLens.

Starkey Soundlens in an earCan I wear the SoundLens all the time ie can I sleep with them in?

The SoundLens is designed to be a daily wear hearing aid. It should be removed at night when sleeping and inserted in the morning for the day.

Is the Starkey SoundLens suitable for swimming or wearing in the shower?

The SoundLens like most sensitive electronic devices should not be exposed to excessive moisture. Water is to be avoided.

How does the SoundLens compare to other similar deep insertion hearing products?

Against other products launched recently for this new segment of the market it compares well!

Can I wear the Starkey SoundLens when using the phone or earphones?

Because the SoundLens sits so deeply in the ear canal these situations pose no problems.

How can I purchase Starkey SoundLens?

You will firstly need to be assessed by a hearing aid audiologist knowledgeable in this particular product. If suitable a deep impression of the ear canal will need to be taken by a qualified IIC trained expert.

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