Triage Questionnaire for Wax Removal

Before you can book a wax removal appointment we need to check a few things relating specifically to Covid-19. Depending on your responses you will either;

  • be automatically redirected to our 24/7 booking system to choose a convenient appointment time or;
  • see a message and receive an email requesting you to contact the office to discuss further.

Please note that for ear wax removals for under 18’s, we need you to contact us to discuss beforehand. Please do not book an appointment without contacting us first.

If the form is not working, or you just want an initial chat, please contact us directly.

N.B. This form collects your details so we can communicate with you and provide help. Our Privacy Policy sets out how we protect and manage your details.

N.B. Booking an Appointment – When reserving an appointment for ear wax removal please ideally allow for 2-3 days of olive oil (or similar) into both your ears before you come to see us (even if only one ear seems blocked). It will potentially make the treatment more comfortable as well as reducing the chance of a return visit.