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Introducing Widex Evoke – the world’s first machine learning hearing aid – intelligent today, smarter tomorrow – hearing has evolved!

Widex Evoke is based on an entirely new chip platform and is the first product inspired by the Widex Real-Life Hearing philosophy. The goal of every Widex hearing aid is to make perfect hearing effortless. This enables you to fully connect with every moment of your life.

Hearing happens in real life, not in a lab or in a clinic. And since real life changes from one moment to the next, automation has been the goal for years.

Automation also makes sense, since most hearing aid users benefit from applying their cognitive resources to the actual task of listening, rather than thinking about which program they should use.

But automation has its challenges. What should be amplifiedand what shouldn’t? What do you intend to hear? And what happens when automation doesn’t quite meet your needs?

The best of both worlds – intelligent automation meets smarter user controls

Imagine excellent, tailored sound with superior environment identification and more automation than ever before. Add effective, intuitive controls that improve the automation controls that quickly guide you to your desired hearing experience in a totally new way. All on a platform intelligent enough to handle true innovation.

Introducing Widex Evoke

The only hearing aid that keeps on learning from your own real-life listening experiences – and from those of other users around the world – to constantly improve how you hear. Now, cutting-edge technology puts you at the forefront of a new era in hearing, in which both you and your satisfaction evolves long after the initial fitting.

Via your smartphone you guide your Evoke hearing aids towards the best possible settings to match most closely to YOUR optimum.

Widex Evoke Connectivity with Mobile PhonesWidex Evoke Connectivity

The chipset in Widex Evoke has more connections, more processing power and more flexibility than any platform in Widex’ history. It is the first hearing aid solution to enable machine learning capabilities. The key to its incredible power is a flexible core with dedicated RAM. This allows new features or fitting data to be added without affecting the performance of the accelerated core. Additionally, the E-platform can access the huge processing power of a smartphone via the pure-link 2.4 Ghz technology. This makes the large calculations necessary for machine learning features possible.

Widex Evoke Smartphone App

Widex Evoke uses the computational power of the smartphone to operate machine learning features such as SoundSense Learn. Using a stepwise approach, the Evoke app collects observations based on A/B comparisons presented for the user. Based on the input, Evoke predicts user preferences and suggests a new setting. After the completion of 15-20 comparisons, the Evoke machine learning algorithm has performed something equivalent to more than 2 million manual comparisons, which would be impossible for any user.

Now, all you need to do is rate the suggested settings accordingly. The Widex Evoke machine learning algorithm takes care of the rest.

Please note The Evoke App and its machine learning functionality at present only works with the Fusion II model and on technology levels 220, 330 and 440.

Intelligent With More Natural Sound

Widex Evoke features a powerful new Fluid Sound Controller that handles all the automatic processing more accurately and faster than ever before. It also features new, more specific sound classes, new programs and improved sound rationales, developed in response to the demands of the modern user’s hearing life.

Together, these features give you a more refined and responsive hearing experience from day one. They also make it easier to tailor personalised hearing solutions with ultimate precision.

Continuously Evolves Hearing Perfected In The Real World

Widex Evoke is the world’s first hearing aid to use machine learning. Every day it helps every user’s experience of sound. Plus it learns from the listening preferences of users all over the world – moving the evolution toward better hearing from the lab and the clinic into real life.

Tonelink App

additionally to the Evoke App you can turn your smartphone (all brands of smartphone, all technology levels of Evoke and all models apart from CIC Micro non wireless) into a remote control via the Tonelink App to discreetly change programs, adjust volume, and mute and change directional focus. Tonelink’s simple interface is right at your fingertips. There’s no need to carry separate assistive listening devices or to touch the hearing aids.

The majority of these groundbreaking new features are possible because of the new Widex Evoke proprietary wireless capabilities.

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