Phonak Roger Pen in three coloursWith modern advances in hearing aid technology, how well hearing aids work in the most challenging of acoustic environments have come on in leaps and bounds. However there are still limitations to how much hearing aids alone can help. This is where we can call in the help of a friend called Roger. Meet an important part of Roger – Phonak Roger Pen.

Phonak Roger System

A Phonak Roger system is a bundle of additional pieces of equipment that can be used in conjunction with most existing brands and models of hearing aids. It also works well with most BAHA’s and cochlear implants too.

If you think of it this way, hearing instruments have their limitations, of course they do. Put aside the overblown marketing hyperbole you might read on various websites. Particularly from the various hearing aid manufacturers!

Phonak Roger is equipment that is designed to plug the gaps that can’t be addressed entirely by hearing aids alone.

Phonak Roger Pen

Comprising at least one transmitter and at least one receiver, one of the most popular transmitters available is the Phonak Roger Pen.

It is the heart of a Phonak Roger system. The Pen is a lightweight, portable, sophisticated wireless microphone that helps hearing aid wearers in three key areas;

  • Overcoming hearing at distance
  • Hearing better in reverberant environments
  • Understanding more speech when in noise

People love the discreet look of the Roger Pen. It’s great for meetings and busy challenging acoustic environments.

How it works

Phonak Roger Pen with Docking StationRoger Pen is fully automatic, it works intuitively and yet is simple in use. It has an automatic microphone mode that enables you to zoom very precisely into the speech of an individual you want to hear.

You just tilt and point towards the speech you want to promote at the expense of the background noise you aren’t too bothered about hearing.

The degree of tilt decides how directional the Roger Pen is working. Vertically tilted it is super directional and more horizontally pointing it picks up a wider area of speech / sound that you want to hear.

At the same time it automatically reduces background noise and wirelessly sends speech straight into your ears. It just works intuitively to be honest without you thinking too hard about how it’s doing its thing. Pretty cool stuff!

Auto microphone mode in more detail

  • Conference Mode – In a meeting or sat around a table for instance, place Phonak Roger Pen in the middle of the table. It recognises that it needs to go into an omni microphone mode. Effectively Phonak Roger Pen creates a ‘bubble’ around the table. As people around the table speak the Roger Pen picks up their voices and wirelessly transmits them straight into the wearer’s hearing aids via Roger receivers.
  • Reporter Mode – In a noisier environment you can pick up Phonak Roger Pen and point it towards the person you need to hear the most. Phonak Roger Pen detects this has happened and almost immediately goes into a directional mode. It focuses on and enhances the voice you need to hear. At the same time it markedly reduces the background noise you don’t want to hear. This change from omni mode to directional mode is almost startling the first time you experience it. It works so well at overcoming background noise and enhancing speech.
  • Lanyard Mode – Hang Phonak Roger Pen around the neck of the person you want to hear with the lanyard cord provided. In the toughest listening environments you encounter it goes into a super directional microphone mode. This mode is particularly effective if you are some distance away from the speaker. 10 metres is easily achieved. Up to 20 metres is possible in ideal conditions with no obstructions.

Other connectivity

Using a Phonak Roger Pen you can also connect wirelessly to telephony, computers and many other audio devices for super clear speech.

Using it in the right way can actually give a hearing aid user a very distinct hearing advantage over a normally hearing person in a number of scenarios. Now that is clever technology!

Roger Pen can also be used alongside other Roger transmitters in a microphone network. Roger Select, Roger Clip-on Mic and Roger Table Mic are a few to mention. We will cover these other transmitters in future posts.

Features of Phonak Roger Pen

  • Proven speech-in-noise performance
  • Fully automatic microphone mode selection
  • Manual microphone mode option
  • Advanced microphone beamforming
  • ‘Zoom into’ soft voices in quiet and over distance
  • Audio input for connection to multimedia devices
  • Bluetooth for mobile phone connection
  • Multiple microphone use in a network
  • Operating time: 7 hours
  • Operating time with an active Bluetooth call: 5 hours
  • Operating range: 10 metres / 33 feet (typical) 20 metres / 66 feet (ideal conditions)

Available in three colours – Light Sterling (silver), Ruby (red) and Petrol (blue). Silver is by far the most popular.

For an broad understanding in laymans terms of how a Phonak Roger system can help you hear better, have a read of this page on our sister website at FM Hearing Systems. Find out more specifically about the Phonak Roger Pen on our sister website FM Hearing Systems.