rogerpenandreceiverPhonak Roger
is one of the most important strands of hearing aid technology to help people hear in challenging, noisy and reverberant environments. Here is how it works;

The microphone of the transmitter picks up a speaker’s words. This audio is sent via a high quality wireless radio signal directly to receivers connected to the hearing aids of the person using Phonak Roger. The resulting high sound quality ‘direct audio input’ is widely accepted to lead to greatly improved hearing benefits for the wearer.

The sound that the wearer hears is in its optimal state, free from attenuation (natural volume decay over distance), reverberation and distortion, and (by making use of some very sophisticated technology ) the most intrusive aspects of background noise. Some ambient sounds are usually still picked up by the hearing aid microphones so as to help create the most natural sound environment along with the best possible hearing quality.

  • Phonak Roger operates as effectively in sunlight as it does indoors and can transmit through solid objects.
  • It can often work straight out of the box with no programming and is very much ‘plug and play’.
  • It helps in noisy school, workplace and social environments, in the car and many more areas.
  • It works together with your hearing aids to improve speech understanding immensely.
  • For more in depth information on how Phonak Roger works and can help you click to go to our sister website FM Hearing Systems

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