Oticon miniFit Receiver Wires

£29.95£56.95 (£24.96 ex VAT)

Oticon miniFit Receiver Wire – £29.95. When you select to purchase a left and a right wire at the same time a reduced price of £56.95 is available.

When ordering please bear in mind that miniFit receiver wires are for newer Oticon miniRITE hearing aids supplied from early 2013 onwards. If you are wearing Dual, Delta, Intiga, Agil, Acto, Ino, Epoq, Vigo or Hit with miniRITE receiver wires please do not order from this listing and contact us for availability.

This listing is for a receiver wire and NOT for a hearing aid.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

Oticon miniFit receiver wires are compatible with the Oticon range of miniRITE hearing aids supplied from early 2013 onwards. Suitability of the miniFIT receiver wire are Alta, Nera, Ria, OPN, Siya, More, Ruby, Real and Zircon with miniRITE receiver wires.

When you remove the dome from the wire on the housing of the receiver wire you will see a colour, blue denotes a left wire, red denotes a right wire. Also you will see a single digit number (1 being the shortest and 5 being the longest wire) and either 60, 85 or 100 which is the power level of the wire.

This listing is for a left wire, or a right wire, or a left and a right wire with a discount applied.

If you order the wrong size / type of receiver wire but can return unopened and in a re-saleable condition we are happy to replace with the correct item, however we cannot accept opened packets that we cannot re-sell.

Domes are here, hearing aid not included!