Ear Wax Self Removal and Self Syringing?!

You may have seen remedies advertised on the internet where you can use a low cost device to remove excessive wax yourself from your own ears.

Attempting this when you can’t see what you are doing is an easy way to damage the very delicate ear canal. We do not recommend!

You should avoid putting anything into your own ear canal smaller than your own elbow (quoting an old saying). We sometimes hear of people using hair grips, keys, the ends of their glasses and other household implements to attempt DIY wax removal!

The skin surface of the ear canal is quite delicate and can tear easily. This leaves you open to ear infections if you poke about in the ear canal without knowing what you are doing. Also you can potentially push the ear wax in your canal further down and create a solid plug. Let’s not even talk about the possibility of perforating your ear drum!

We also see bulbs advertised on Amazon and eBay. The idea being you fill the bulb with water and squirt it into your ear canal to dislodge the wax / debris yourself. It is quite a risky strategy and difficult to control the pressure of water into your ear canal as well as potentially picking up an ear infection.

We advise leaving it to the professionals, we know what we are doing and we can apply the necessary care and attention. Your ears deserve it!

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