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Widex RIC / RIE Receiver Wire (v1) – £49.95. When you select to purchase a left and a right wire at the same time a reduced price of £96.95 is available.

This listing is for a receiver wire and NOT for a hearing aid.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses and no longer ship outside of the UK.

To work out which product to order you need to note which size and type of receiver you are using.

If your hearing aid was supplied before 2014 you may still have one of the older style of receiver wires, otherwise you will already be on the newer ‘Easywear’ type. Easywear wires are a direct replacement for the older type of wire.

The easiest way to tell the difference is Easywear wires have a grey housing (where the dome attaches to it) and the older original style have a white housing. See image of both styles.

If you are presently using an old style wire you need to make note of the wire size and the power level.

On the old style wire the wire size is quite hard to see but it is a number printed on the clear plastic joining on to the white receiver housing as indicated to the right, and the power level (1, S, M or P) is printed on the white housing itself, also indicated.

If you are replacing an existing Easywear wire then the power level, the size of wire and the side are all printed on the grey housing as indicated to the right – in this instance M2R indicates a medium power level, a size 2 wire and for the right ear.

If you are presently using an old Type 1 receiver wire we recommend you replace it with a Type S wire, the two types are interchangeable and the newer Easywear design is smaller, more contoured and designed to be more robust. If you change to the new Easywear wire you will also need to order the new type of dome (S,M,P domes are more secure, are a better design and have more variations in size and type).  N.B. If you are using a Type 1 receiver with a custom tip please email us in the first instance.

It is a very easy process to remove the old speaker wire and replace with a new one, simply tug the speaker wire gently away from the body of the hearing aid vertically and the wire should detatch fairly easily. To put the new speaker wire onto your hearing aid the pins on the new speaker wire simply slot straight into the top of the hearing aid in the same slot you have just removed your old speaker wire from.

For a useful video showing this process click here

N.B. If you are wearing the latest Widex Moment rechargeable hearing aids please contact us before ordering as they use an Easywear v2 receiver wire which has a different connection to the hearing aid and a silver receiver housing as opposed to the grey receiver housing of a Easywear v1 wire. All other versions of Widex Moment use the standard (v1) Easywear type of receiver wire.

Please select from the drop down boxes the type of receiver, tube / wire size, and the side you require.

This listing is for a left wire, or a right wire, or a left and a right wire with some discount applied.

NB. Please take extra care to make sure you are ordering the correct item, even if not used Widex will not accept returns on these products from us, we are happy to help if you are unsure. (We’d rather you contacted us than guess the product and it be incorrect!).

Domes are here, hearing aid not included!

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