Hearing Aid Aftercare Packages

At HAB Hearing we are often asked to take over aftercare for hearing aids that have initially been provided by other suppliers. Our own clients generally buy hearing aids from us with built in complimentary aftercare.

If asked we can take over the aftercare element of hearing aids (at a cost for professional time) where for varous reasons the client can not or does not want to deal with the original supplier of their hearing aids.

Our aftercare packages are designed primarily for;

  • Hearing aid wearers that have become disenchanted with their existing supplier and lost confidence in the suppliers ability to get their hearing aids working optimally
  • Hearing aid wearers that have moved away geographically from their original supplier and are looking for someone near to where they live to look after them
  • Hearing aids that we or others have supplied without built in aftercare because the client feels they do not need a high level of support (typically a very experienced and confident user).
  • Ex pat clients that are only in the UK for part of the year and prepared to ‘pay as you go’ for aftercare across more than one location.

It goes without saying, the best value on offer is to purchase hearing aids with built in aftercare, this offers the peace of mind the majority of clients generally prefer.

See below the three levels of aftercare we offer;

£400 per hearing aidAftercare package for 5 years from purchase of package or until hearing aid(s) are 7 years old, whichever is sooner. Includes initial full assessment, programming and adjustments for duration of package.
£175Initial full hearing assessment, programming and adjustment. If necessary one extra follow up programming within two weeks. Cost is for a single or pair of hearing aids.
£80Follow up appointments, programming and adjustment and in-house repair work. Cost is for one visit and is for a single or pair of hearing aids.

N.B. Please note our aftercare packages DO NOT cover the actual cost of repairs and consumables such as batteries, wax guards, domes, wires, tubes and other accessories needed for the general upkeep of hearing aids.

The aftercare packages are designed to solely cover the cost of our professional time.

We can also offer a mini service as below;

£10 per hearing aidClean and check of hearing aid (includes re-tube of BTE), replacement wax guard, clearing of microphone port etc
£49 per hearing aidFor RIC hearing aids a clean and check as above and a replacement receiver wire, for BTE hearing aids a clean and check and a replacement BTE mould

Out of warranty repairs are on a separate listing here.

Our aftercare packages are priced taking into account that you will access the service from our clinic in Silsden, Keighley BD20 0EE.

Hearing Assessments – We offer a full professional consultation and  assessment of your hearing for the cost of £50 to enable us to be able to offer advice (with no obligation).

If paperwork / documentation is required to be taken away and used elsewhere we have two charging structures. For documentation for personal use the charge is £175, and for businesses and related to solicitors reports and NIHL claims the charge is £200 ex VAT including a VAT invoice.

Any future hearing aid purchase within 6 months the cost of the assessment can be credited against the cost of hearing aid purchase.

Any questions, to proceed or if you are unsure about anything please contact us.

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