Oticon Corda 2 and Corda miniFIT Tubes


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Oticon Corda 2 and Corda miniFIT Tube – £5.95. When you select to purchase a left and a right tube at the same time a reduced price of £8.95 is available.

Please note that the newer your Oticon hearing aids are the more likely they will need Corda miniFit tubes, the older Corda 2 tubes have not been routinely supplied for a few years BUT see the image and read the detail below to confirm.

This listing is for a thin tube and NOT for a hearing aid.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

Oticon Corda 2 and Corda miniFIT slim tubes for Oticon Spirit 3, Spirit Zest and Synergy supplied by NHS. Also suitable for Oticon Epoq, Vigo, Agil, Acto BTE’s etc. if already fitted with slim tubes.

Corda 2 slim tubes are a replacement for the old Corda slim tubes supplied by NHS and also Oticon Syncro, Tego, Safran BTE’s etc. with slim tube fittings. If you have been using Corda rather than Corda 2 in the past an adapter needs to be used.

We can supply the adapter in with your order at no cost but please contact us in this instance to let us know so we can ship at the same time. Corda 2 slim tubes need to be matched with Oticon Corda Domes.

Corda miniFIT slim tubes fit in the same housing but have a different tip and can be interchanged with Corda 2 slim tubes, the only difference is that they use the newer Oticon miniFIT Domes.

Please be careful to ensure you use Oticon Corda domes with Oticon Corda 2 slim tubes and Oticon miniFIT domes with Oticon Corda miniFIT slim tubes – VERY IMPORTANT.

Please be careful to make sure you know which size you are ordering as we can’t accept tubes back that have been used due to hygiene considerations.

NB. At the end that points into your ear you will see a number, blue denotes a left tube, red denotes a right tube and the number itself is the size of the tube you need to order. For NHS supplied hearing aids you may see a number like this – 0-0.9, 1-0.9, 2-0.9 or 3-0.9 for Corda 2, and 0.9 -1, 0.9 0, 0.9 1, 0.9 2, 0.9 3 or 0.9 4 for Corda miniFit.  Ignore the 0.9 and use the number itself ie -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 for left or right. Please select from the drop down menus the size of tube and the side you require, also whether you require the older Corda 2 tube or the newer Corda miniFIT tube.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE – the standard thickness of tube is most typically supplied, as per the image above you will see 0.9 and the size of tube (-1, 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4), but there is also a thicker bore of tube for more serious hearing loss, instead of 0.9 you will see 1.3. If you want to order the thicker 1.3 tubes please order the standard 0.9 tubes and then email us straight away to confirm you want 1.3 bore tubes. Corda 2 are only available sizes 0-3.

Domes are here, hearing aid not included!

Thick tubes vs Thin Tubes

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