Thin Tube Adapter


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Thin Tube Adapters – £2.00 each

When you replace thin tubes on your hearing aids there is often an adapter which acts as an interface between the body of the hearing aid and the thin tube itself.

If you lose the adapter or it is damaged you can purchase the replacement adapter at the same time as the thin tube.

All variants of Oticon Spirit Zest and Spirit Synergy use the same adapter, there is a retention pin to push out and re-insert to release the old adapter and make the new adapter secure. A steady hand and a good set of eyes is needed, please don’t lose that pin!

ReSound / Danalogic have a variety of adapters based on the model of hearing aid.

If you can’t select the model you are wearing from the drop down menu or are unsure about anything please email us EXACTLY the brand and model of hearing aid you are wearing and we will try to help and clarify. Brand and model details are typically printed on the casing of the hearing aid itself.

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