Oticon Intent

Engage in Life Like Never Before

Welcome to the world of Oticon Intent, where hearing aids go beyond just sound processing. Imagine a hearing aid that not only understands sound but also comprehends your intentions. Yes, you read that right! Oticon Intent is the world’s first hearing aid with user-intent sensors. Let’s dive into what makes it so remarkable.

The Challenge: Sound vs. User Intent

Traditional hearing aids treat all users the same way, applying a one-size-fits-all approach to sound processing. But here’s the catch: everyone’s listening needs are unique. Even within the same sound environment, our intentions and preferences vary. Oticon recognized this and set out to create a solution that truly caters to individual users.

The Breakthrough: 4D Sensor Technology

Oticon Intent introduces a groundbreaking concept: user-intent sensors. These sensors gather information from head and body movements, conversation activity, and the acoustic environment. Let’s break down how they work:

  1. Acoustic Environment Sensors: Imagine a 360º sound scene around you. Oticon Intent™ collects details about this soundscape as it varies within different listening environments. Whether you’re at a bustling café or enjoying a quiet sunset, the sensors adapt accordingly.

  2. Head Movement Monitoring: How you move your head matters. Intent™ observes your head movements to understand the type of communication situation you’re in. Are you actively engaged in a conversation or just listening? The sensors pick up on these cues.

  3. Body Movement Awareness: Physical movement sensors anticipate your need for increased spatial awareness support. Whether you’re turning to face someone or navigating a crowded room, Intent™ has your back.

  4. Conversation Activity: Is there an active conversation happening? Intent™ prioritizes speech based on real-time cues. When you’re chatting with friends or family, it ensures crystal-clear communication.

The Result: Engaging in Life

Oticon Intent goes beyond hearing; it empowers you to fully engage in life. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Individualized Help: Intent combines user-intent sensors with the new Deep Neural Network 2.0. This results in MoreSound Intelligence 3.0, which provides personalized support based on your situation and intentions. No more one-size-fits-all!

  • Precise Balancing: Backed by extensive clinical studies, Intent™ ensures precise balancing of sounds in your brain. Even within the same environment, it adapts seamlessly to your unique needs.

Future-proof connectivity - Embrace an all-round better experience when streaming audio, which enables high sound quality, and greater power efficiency. Be ready for future communication technologies such as Auracast™.
High-quality streaming - Comfortably hear all the fascinating details and funny moments. Simply make the audio play in your hearing aids via advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.
Enjoy hands-free calls - Simply double-tap your hearing aids to accept a call and keep on doing what you’re doing. Your phone can stay in your pocket, your bag or your jacket.
One powerful app - Get the most of your hearing aids with the power to discreetly control, customise, and care for your hearing – all from one easy-to-use app for your phone or Apple Watch.

Discreet and Rechargeable

Oticon Intent isn’t just smart; it’s also sleek and discreet. Its small design blends effortlessly into your life. Plus, it’s packed with rechargeable power, so you can focus on living without worrying about battery changes.

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