Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic

Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic is used extensively in education but also quite often in the workplace too. It wirelessly transmits a speaker’s voice directly to the listener, offering great speech-in noise improvements over other FM / radio aid systems.

The ser interface with a touchscreen and indicator light makes Roger Touchscreen Mic simple and intuitive to use. It provides both teachers and students with a simple yet effective indication of when the microphone is powered on and muted.

How do I use it?
The Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic continuously analyzes speech and noise levels while optimizing functionality and performance. It can be worn by a teacher (Lanyard mode), placed on a table between a small group of 2-5 students (Small Group mode) or aimed by the student towards the person he wants to hear, positioned in close proximity (Pointing mode).

Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic is often used in conjunction with Roger Pass Around Mic.

How does the Small Group mode work?
The Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic can be unclipped from the lanyard and placed on a table between 2-5 students. The built-in accelerometer automatically activates the Small Group mode. By utilizing a system of three intelligent embedded microphones it automatically orients to the student who is talking in the group.

Why use it?
The Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic is ideal for a student in an interactive modern classroom and provides better access to teacher and peer communication, boosting speech understanding and engagement in all activities.

This product can be purchased on our sister website FM Hearing Systems by clicking this link which opens in a new window.

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