Onboarding your Webshop - Please read and complete.

First thing please contact your web developer to let them know we will be in touch. Please click this link and cc your web developer in to the email generated to let them know we will be contacting them (so that our approach is not unexpected). All that we will likely need from them is to update some DNS records including Mailgun, and at the end of the process to add a link in the main nav bar to point to the new webshop.

Dom my tech guy will soon make contact to start the ball rolling. For your part please complete the fields below. Anything not applicable simply type N/A.

Want a reminder of why getting involved in this webshop project is such a good thing? Click here for a reminder

If you do yourself, please input 'Self'
Again if you do yourself, please input 'Self'
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.
Hi-res JPG on a white background or transparent PNG.
If you do not have your logo in high resolution to hand just let us know in the 'Additional Comments' field below and we will liaise with your web developer.

Please note, to get the ball rolling I will need to;
1). Email a payment request shortly for £500 plus VAT for setup costs which needs to be paid by return before we can start the process.
2). Email a GoCardless monthly payment instruction to take £40 plus VAT on 1st of each month, completed by return and before we start the process.

Additional Notes

On completion of the project either I will request a part payment OR sort out a part refund based on being part way through the month and when the first debit is actually processed. Monthly payment on 1st of month is for that month, no contract, simply pay as you go up front for the month.

If you elected for the 10% uplift model I will tot up websales on a quarterly basis, raise a statement for you to agree and then send you a direct payment for 10% of sales through the webshop. You will have your own record of sales on the webshop as they are placed for a backcheck. N.B. If we see any volume we can flip to monthly by mutual agreement.

Our webshop design is purposefully lacking bold colours and with a white background and a light grey background for the footer, it goes with anything and is fine on mobile as it is. Most people order accessories on their mobiles. We may be able to match to a degree to your website colours for desktop, we can take each install on merit.

Any amends to information on your web shop and moderate design changes just let us know, we will always try to be as accommodating as possible! (We do need to keep this project light touch to keep the costs down so nothing too outrageous folks!).

Any products or variations of products you don't see that you would like to see listed initially and ongoing please let us know. Some rarely sold products we tend to supply as one off ad hoc sales and do not specifically list them, if there is potential for regular repeat sales generally it is then best to have an actual listing.

You don’t need to get involved much at all in the setup of the webshop unless you DIY your own website and even then it's not a lot of work at your end. Once completed (typically two weeks, possibly less as long as your end is as responsive as us), we will make some test purchases on your new webshop and we can forward you the paperwork generated for you to check the details.

Alternatively you can make your own 5p test purchases to see the payment process in action.

Going forward, with every order processed you will receive an email notification as will your client, we will use the main business email address listed as above to send the order details unless you advise differently via the Additional Comments field above.

We will use the main business postal address, email and phone number listed above as your contact details on the webshop and to direct traffic not related to accessories to you. Anything different let us know via the Additional Comments field above.

We will ongoing do our level best to deal with all accessories related matters directly with the client and everything else will direct to you - we are your safe pair of hands.

Your company logo, main business address, main phone number and main business email address will be promoted on emails we generate for accessories orders, the invoice that ships with the order and on the webshop generally, in the footer and on the contact page. The postage label when we ship orders will have your logo prominently displayed.

Once the project is completed and signed off there will be a website link ‘Our Shop’ in the main nav bar from your website to your new webshop and when the customer has purchased their accessories they will redirect right back to your website. The URL for the webshop will typically be formatted like so - shop.hearingaccessories.co.uk (where your website is formatted as www.hearingaccessories.org.uk).

It should be a pretty seamless experience! Any questions just get in touch.

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