Phonak Naida M

Amongst the best performing high power behind the ear hearing aids on the market. The Phonak Naida M has the ability to make the best of very severe and profound hearing losses. It uses a very capable feedback manager (drastically reducing whistle) and ‘SoundRecover2’. This with smart technology can make sounds audible that previously would not have been heard.

Powerful, rich sound

Phonak Marvel hearing aids recognize and automatically adapt to precisely match more listening situations than ever before. With AutoSense OS 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream Technology, you can enjoy better speech understanding in noise as well as less listening effort and better memory recall in noise.

It comes in four technology levels, Naida M30, Naida M50, Naida M70 and Naida M90. Respectively, entry level, mid range, advanced level and premium level.

The Phonak Naida M has the added benefit of being water and dust resistant for added protection with an IP68 rating. A rugged hearing aid for all environments!

Phonak Naida M offers more audibility of high-frequency sounds

SoundRecover2 is the world’s first adaptive frequency compression algorithm. It takes the benefits of SoundRecover to the next level. Even for those difficult to fit hearing losses where there is little usable high-frequency hearing, sound can be compressed to where it is audible.

The adaptive behaviour ensures that the lowering of high-frequency sound occurs only when needed. Therefore, sound quality of mid and low frequencies is maintained. At the same time high frequency sounds are made audible. SoundRecover2 provides clients with severe to profound hearing loss a true listening experience. This is with its ability to produce an optimal balance between high-frequency audibility and sound quality.

More audibility with up to 6 dB more output

Severe to profound clients require additional power for a noticeable difference in audibility. Especially those with a sensorineural loss accompanied by a significant conductive hearing loss.

• BroadbandBooster: a new way of digitizing, sampling and filtering signals, boosts gain and output for loud broadband input signals – like speech – by up to 5 dB. Mid and loud incoming broadband signals are more audible without any distortion from peak clipping.

• New mechanical and acoustical design. The xUP receiver for Naída M-RIC offers additional gain and output with up to 6 dB on the low frequencies without increased battery consumption.

Connects to smartphones, TV and more

Phonak Naida Marvel connects directly to iOS, Android smartphones or other Bluetooth enabled devices. With the plug and play TV Connector, you can enjoy TV programs.

You can also receive hands-free calls and stream TV, music, e-books, podcasts and more.

Additionally, Marvel distinguishes between streamed speech and music signals, and automatically adjusts for an enhanced sound quality.

Increased confidence and reliability – 60% more robust

Clients with a severe to profound hearing loss rely heavily on their hearing aids and therefore expect durable and long lasting devices. Naída M will function in even the toughest environments, boosting the user’s confidence.

• With a new glass fibre reinforced material, Naída M is now 60% more robust than its predecessor which gives the client optimal confidence.

• Water and dust resistant with an IP68 rating.

Phonak Naida M look and feel

• The fitting range of Naida M has been extended towards more severe losses, therefore many clients can be fitted with smaller devices than before.

• 25% thinner than its predecessors, making them more comfortable to wear and less visible.

Not all features are available on all models, for a full breakdown of the complete range see our Phonak Product and Features Comparison.


Allows Roger technology to stream directly to Marvel hearing aids to boost hearing performance in loud noise and over distance.

myPhonak app

You can personalise your hearing experience and fine-tune your hearing aids with the advanced Remote Control function and more.

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