Duracell Activair Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries



Duracell Activair size 312 mercury free hearing aid batteries, colour coded brown.

Used mainly for half shell / canal (ITC) and some RIC / RITE hearing aids. 1.45v. Up to 4 years of shelf life.

Easy long tab applicator for those with dexterity issues. Please select the quantity you require from the drop down box.

1 pack (6) = £2.95
5 packs (30) = £8.95
10 packs (60) = £16.95
20 packs (120) = £29.95

We also have our ‘white label’ product branded as ‘Extra Power’. If you want to save a few pounds on your battery order the white label product is manufactured by one of the major branded products we supply.

We can’t tell you which brand it is but it’s the biggest brand supplied in the UK.

Different pack, same battery, same high performance! If interested click here.

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