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Oticon ConnectClip – £179.00

N.B. This product MAY be eligible for supply to UK customers as a Zero Rated VAT product, please read this page carefully before choosing whether to pay for your purchase at Zero Rate of VAT or including VAT from the drop down box above. If you feel you are eligible for Zero Rate of VAT for this product you MUST provide us with a declaration before we can ship the product, not doing so will delay shipment. (If for personal use UK customers may be able to purchase ex VAT at £149.17)

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With ConnectClip, anyone with an Android, iPhone or any other smartphone can now turn their Oticon OPN / Siya / Xceed / More / NHS Oticon Engage hearing aids into a high quality wireless headset for making hands free calls or playing music – or any kind of audio.

Please note – Oticon ConnectClip will NOT work with models of Oticon wireless compatible hearing aids previous to Oticon OPN / Siya / Xceed or NHS hearing aids previous to Oticon Engage, if unsure please ask.

Using cutting edge 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy allows Oticon ConnectClip to steam calls to both ears in high quality sound, and the OpenSound Navigator in ConnectClip transmits clear speech that is free from unwanted noise.

ConnectClip can also function as a remote microphone, a remote control and more.

Industry-leading features

ConnectClip makes Oticon OPN / Siya / Xceed / More into a leading Bluetooth headset-enabled hearing aid with these leading features (in addition to the revolutionary open sound experience):

  • Streaming to both ears in stereo – not just one ear as with classic Bluetooth
  • Leading 7.5 kHz audio streaming frequency range gives high-quality sound that’s easier to understand
  • Lower power consumption of Bluetooth Low Energy allows small battery size for smaller hearing aids
  • Opn hearing aids can be equipped with a rechargeable battery
  • True hands-free solution with a microphone optimized for the purpose, using OpenSound Navigator for quality sound reception
  • No compromise on hearing aid audiology – ConnectClip has its own advanced Velox chip

The Connectline Microphone ships with a UK mains charger and can also be charged via a USB to mini USB charger.

NB. The Oticon ConnectClip can be paired by the user without the intervention of a hearing specialist BUT the hearing aids MUST have at least firmware version 5.0 installed on your hearing aids. Hearing aids supplied from 2018 onwards can safely be assumed to have firmware version 5.0 or newer. If you have an older firmware version than 5.0 you will need to ask your local hearing specialist to apply the firmware upgrade (you may be charged a fee for this service). ConnectClip does not work with all hearing aids in the Oticon range, our suggestion is that you contact us via our webform on the Contacts page with details before purchase and we will advise accordingly.


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