Oticon ProWax miniFIT Wax Guards

£5.95£19.75 (£4.96 ex VAT)

Oticon ProWax miniFIT wax guards – £5.95 for a pack of 6 wax guards. Discounts available when purchasing multiple packs as below.

2 Packs = 10% Discount

3 Packs = 14% Discount

4 Packs = 17% Discount

Suitable for the newer Oticon miniFIT RITE receiver wires (60, 85, 100) fitted to Oticon Alta, Nera, Ria, OPN, Siya, More and Ruby RITE and miniRITE. Also OPN IIC.

NOT suitable for other variations of Oticon hearing aids, the most likely alternative if your hearing aid is not an Oticon RITE or miniRITE  as above is Oticon ProWax.

Oticon NoWax is approx 2mm deep, 2mm diameter with a dark grey ‘turtle’ and blue handles, Oticon ProWax is approx 1mm deep, 2mm diameter with a dark grey ‘turtle’ and light grey handles, Oticon ProWax miniFit is approx 1mm deep, 1mm diameter with a dark grey ‘turtle’ and black handles.

Please read both listings carefully if unsure what to order, if still unsure contact us for clarification.

For a useful video showing how to change this wax guard click here

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