Phonak / Unitron RemoteControl


Phonak / Unitron RemoteControl – £149.00

This product is available to UK customers only.

The easy -to-use remote control if you wear the latest Phonak and Unitron hearing aids and do not wish to use the handy smartphone app.

The Phonak version works with Phonak Audeo B-Direct and all wireless Phonak Marvel, Phonak Paradise, NHS Phonak Nathos Nova and Specsavers Advance x70 hearing aids. The Unitron version works with Unitron Discover Next (DX) and Blu wireless compatible hearing aids.

Ease of use

RemoteControl features three large buttons for simple handling and maximum convenience. The buttons are clearly visible and control the main hearing aid functions; Program change, Volume up and Volume down.

Runs on a CR2032 battery (included). Dimensions (L x W x H) 84 x 32 x 11.5 mm. Weight 26.4 g. Colour Champagne/Black

Pairing RemoteControl with your hearing aids – It is only necessary to perform the pairing procedure once with your hearing aids. After the initial pairing, your RemoteControl will connect automatically with your hearing aids. RemoteControl will be automatically in pairing mode if switched on for the first time. This is indicated by the blinking blue light indicator on RemoteControl. Set your hearing aids into the pairing mode by switching them off then on. You now have 3 minutes to pair your RemoteControl with your hearing aids.

  1. Press and hold the volume up “+” button
  2. Switch on your RemoteControl whilst still pressing the volume up “+” button
  3. Release the volume up ”+” button when the light indicator starts to blink blue
  4. The RemoteControl and your hearing aids will now pair automatically
  5. After a successful pairing the light indicator is solid green for 5 seconds and you may hear a notification beep in your hearing aid

Compatibility – RemoteControl is compatible with newer Phonak and Unitron hearing aids only. If unsure please ask.

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