Signia Charger Case

£59.00£225.00 (£49.17 ex VAT)

Signia Pure Standard Charger – £69

This small and highly reliable desktop charger is a duplicate of the charger that is supplied routinely with Signia Pure AX and IX hearing aids. It addresses basic needs when it comes to providing power to the hearing aids. 2 LEDs indicate the charging status (one per hearing aid). The charger can be plugged into the mains via USB to a power adapter.

Pure IX and AX Standard Charger Part Code 10996346

Signia Silk and Signia Active Charger – (Available in Silk and Active versions) – £135

Silk IX Charger is a sleek, pocket-sized case with integrated power bank that provides up to four additional charges and can be charged wirelessly (Qi).

Silk IX Charger Part Code 21025471

Signia Active Pro / Active charging case is pocket-sized Qi wireless. The integrated Li Ion Cell recharges Active Pro / Active up to 3 times.

Signia X Active / Active Pro Charger Part Code 10991348

Signia Pure / Styletto Portable Charger (Available in Pure and Styletto versions) – £135

The Signia Pure / Styletto Portable Charger is the upgraded charger accessory for Signia Pure and Styletto AX and IX hearing aids.

The Portable Charger is easy to use and it carries a charge too via its built in power bank, so you can charge up your aids when you are out and about.

Its power bank allows for 3 full charges of a pair of hearing aids without plugging into the mains in between. A lid protects the hearing aids as well as prevents dust accumulating in the charger. 2 LEDs indicate the charging status (one per hearing aid) and one is for the integrated power bank.

Pure Portable Charger IX and AX Part Code – 10993210, Styletto Portable Charger Part Code – 21031118 (IX), 21003218 (AX)

Signia Dry&Clean Charger (Available in Pure and Styletto versions) – £225

The Signia Dry&Clean charger not only offers 3 full charges like the charger above, it also offer UVC cleaning and drying technology to keep your hearing aids in peak condition. The UVC cleaning and drying cycle starts automatically when the hearing aids are placed in the charger and is completed in just 15 minutes.

If you have moisture issues with your hearing aids, this is a great charger accessory as it dries and disinfects your hearing aids with UV-C light. The Signia Dry&Clean Charger eliminates viruses and bacteria while also eliminating moisture! A great hearing aid accessory.

There are 3 LEDs per hearing aid to indicate their charging status, also an additional LED that indicates the cleaning status and has a lid to ensure optimal cleaning and storage of hearing aids..

The Pure and Styletto versions of this charger are identical on the outside but have different hearing aid ports inside, and are suitable for IX and AX versions of Signia Pure and Styletto.

Pure D&C Charger IX and AX Part Code – 10991652, Styletto D&C IX and AX Part Code – 21007595

N.B. If you need a charger for older technology (pre IX or AX) then please contact us for advice.

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