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Starkey Table Microphone – £389.00

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The Starkey 2.4Ghz Table Microphone is the ultimate accessory for your Livio and Evolv hearing aids. Designed with busy people in mind, the Table Mic is perfect for use in work meetings or any gathering around a large table or circle style meeting. It can also be worn on a neck loop to act as a remote microphone, amplifying speech over any background noise. It also functions as a TV streamer when plugged into your TV’s headphone socket.

Features: Starkey has made hearing technology stylish with the look and feel of the Table Mic. Blue lit segments indicate the direction that sound is being picked up from and the device is pocket size so you can easily carry it in your pocket or handbag. It is easy to navigate between modes and the volume control buttons can be found on the side of the device. Designed primarily for hearing aid users, the Table Microphone can also be used to provide listening in noise benefit for unaided or normal hearing listeners by plugging in wired headphones into the 3.5mm audio output socket.

When used in its primary function set flat on a table, the Table Mic has three modes which can be accessed by single presses of the central mode button:

  1. Automatic mode – Table Mic automatically follows the primary speaker. The blue lit segment shows the active listening direction.
  2. Manual mode – Tap the segment of the specific direction you want to prioritise, it will light blue. You can select more than one segment.
  3. Surround Mode – designed for group conversations in quieter environments. All segments with light blue to show sound is being picked up from all directions.

Using as Remote Microphone or TV Streamer: Secondary modes are the remote microphone mode and TV streaming mode. When the device is worn around the neck on the magnetic lanyard supplied, sound will be prioritised from above, improving the speech-to-noise ratio during 1:1 conversations in background noise. Ideal for dining out for two and one on one meetings in noisy situations. To access direct audio streaming, simply insert the audio streaming cable into the micro USB jack of the Table Microphone and the other end into the 3.5 mm audio output (headphone) jack of your TV or other audio device.

Starkey Table Microphone takes 2 hours to fully charge which gives up to 12 hours of audio streaming. You can pair the device to your hearing aids yourself without the help of a hearing professional, simply turn your hearing aids off, put the device into pairing mode and then switch your hearing aids back on. Place the hearing aids within 6 inches of the device. They will shortly pair to the device automatically.

This product will work with Starkey Livio and Evolv wireless hearing aids, older products prior to this please ask.

The Starkey Table Microphone dimensions are 72 mm circle diameter,  11mm depth. Weight is approx. 60g. Includes a rubber cover, fabric pouch, power adapter  and micro USB  charging cable, wired earphones with ear tips, audio streaming cable (for TV and other audio devices), magnetic lanyard & user manual.

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