Starkey TV Streamer



Starkey TV Streamer – £169.00

N.B. This product MAY be eligible for supply to UK customers as a Zero Rated VAT product, please read this page carefully before choosing whether to pay for your purchase at Zero Rate of VAT or including VAT from the drop down box above. If you feel you are eligible for Zero Rate of VAT for this product you MUST provide us with a declaration before we can ship the product, not doing so will delay shipment. (If for personal use UK customers may be able to purchase ex VAT at £140.83)

This product is available to UK customers only.

Starkey TV is designed to stream audio from electronic audio sources directly to your Starkey Livio wireless compatible hearing aids. Starkey TV can be connected to many electronic audio sources, including televisions, computers, MP3 players, DVD players, Sky and cable boxes.

This product will work with Starkey Livio wireless hearing aids, older products prior to Livio please ask.

The TV device can concurrently stream audio to an unlimited number of users, allowing them to share the same listening experience.

Starkey TV is mains powered by a micro USB cable, and has a TOS Link digital audio input and also a 3.5mm analogue audio input. Cables provided with device.

You can pair the device to your hearing aids yourself without the help of a hearing professional, simply turn your hearing aids off, put the device into pairing mode and then switch your hearing aids back on. Place the hearing aids within 6 inches of the device. They will shortly pair to the device automatically.

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