Widex Phone DEX 2


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Widex Phone DEX 2 – £159.95

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A phone for hearing aid wearers – and the entire family. Widex Phone DEX 2 streams the audio from a phone call DIRECTLY into Widex Evoke wireless compatible hearing aids, creating a fantastic call quality for Widex Evoke hearing aid users. It works as a normal DECT cordless phone for everyone else in the house too!

N.B. Not compatible with any range previous to Evoke, if unsure please ask before placing an order. Also incompatible with Evoke CIC Micro which is non wireless.

With a large and intuitive colour display, Phone DEX 2 is incredibly easy to use.

What’s more, Phone DEX 2 works as a conventional phone as well. It even has an integrated answering machine. That way friends and family can use the phone too, and you never miss an important message.

Widex Phone DEX 2 can store up to 150 contacts and comes with a base station that works as a charger. You get 14 hours of phone time and 320 hours standby. And indoors, you can enjoy talking on the phone up to 50 metres from the base station.


  • Direct communication in both hearing aids
  • Amplifier for extra loud sound emission
  • SOS button
  • Built-in voice mailbox with 25-minute recording capacity
  • Directory of 150 contacts
  • Adjustable font size
  • LED to signal the call
  • Alarm function
  • Large colour screen
  • Handsfree function from base and handset
  • Range inside towards the base: 50m

NB. The Widex Phone DEX 2 works straight out of the box (with a little charge) and does not need to be paired to your Widex Evoke and Moment hearing aids for it to work.

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