Starkey – The renowned American manufacturer of quality hearing instruments based in the UK at Hazel Grove, Manchester.

Started in 1967 in Minnesota, from humble beginnings Starkey have grown into one of the main manufacturers of innovative hearing aids in the UK and beyond. Starkey have 38 facilities in 23 countries and have a reputation for good technology with great feedback management (no-whistle technology).

Starkey were responsible in kickstarting the revolution in IIC (invisible in Canal) hearing aids, the most discreet hearing aids available on the market that sit so deep in the ear canal that they can be truly invisible.

Starkey were the first manufacturer to bring such a product to market and at this point are still the only manufacturer to offer custom products that sit so deep in the ear canal to offer absolute invisibility (space in the ear canal permitting of course!).

Wireless – Keeping with today’s demand for wireless connectivity, most Starkey hearing aids are compatible with their range of wireless accessories. These allow you to connect to various everyday devices such as televisions or mobile phones.

If you are interested in Starkey wireless accessories have a look at the full range of wireless products here

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