Please see below a selection of Client Testimonials, we hope you find them inspiring!

What a fantastic company and experience! Having profound hearing loss can be (and was in my case) extremely isolating.

I haven’t been able to use a telephone for at least five years, and could only watch television if there were subtitles, which caused eye strain and headaches.

I initially visited HAB Hearing as the wire on both hearing aids had snapped (They were not bought from HAB Hearing).

I contacted them online over a weekend and on Monday Paul fitted me in and mended them so I wasn’t without hearing completely.

I decided then I would have a hearing test with Helen as I wasn’t convinced I was wearing the hearing aids most suited to my hearing loss.

Fast forward to a month later and I have hearing aids which are perfect for my loss. I can hear on a telephone call and I can hear the TV without subtitles!

This has changed my life dramatically and I can’t thank Paul and Helen enough. They are not only extremely knowledgeable and efficient they also genuinely care about each and every client and will go the extra mile to ensure you have the best product for your needs.

The whole team at HAB Hearing are friendly, patient and kind. I highly recommend them.

Email by Jacquie N., Ilkley, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Naida M90-SP BTE with TV Connector

I have worn hearing aids since I was 16 (private ones since I was 21). I wore the Oticon Alta 2 Pro mini RITEs with a power mould previous to these new ones and loved those.

When I saw the new Oticon OPN instruments, I couldn’t wait to try them for many reasons. Wearing a Streamer around my neck was always awkward for me with my job (Audiologist) and home life with a baby so when these showed completely wireless streaming I needed to try them.

The sound was immediately similar to what I was used to with the Alta Pros but with a twist. I could “feel” the difference with the sounds around me.

Whereas before I could hear in HD, it felt I could now hear in Ultra HD 4K!!

The little sounds around me were just different (in your face almost) but without overtaking the important speech sounds. The way the OPN works is a very different concept to any other sound I have heard and I have tried A LOT of hearing aids being an Audiologist myself.

It feels as if sound is coming to me rather than having to listen intently to the sounds to make them out well.

I had a few hiccups with the streaming at first when using Youtube but that sorted itself out after a few weeks without me doing anything.

Everything else was fine from the beginning. The quality of sound from any form of device or connection was great. Better than I remember with the Streamer.

As I commute by train, I watch things online and I never disturb anyone around me and I can always hear extremely well. Using the phone is so much easier than before as well.

The app is OK (very basic) but I don’t really use that for anything other than connecting the hearing aids to my phone.

All in all, I am very pleased with the technology. All that’s missing is android connectivity now.

Thanks Helen and Paul for sorting me out with these!


Email by Laura J., Castleford, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Oticon OPN1

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for the past eight years and decided to upgrade, I bought a pair of Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R aids from HAB Hearing.

I had bought my original aids from them, so it was an easy decision to go back to them because of the excellent service I’d received when I had my hearing tests, buying my first pair of aids, and the on-going care I’d received over the years.

The new Marvels are outstanding! I have not had the clarity of speech and confidence in a pair of hearing aids like this before, even though my first pair were top of the range.

The Marvels have given me the ability to hear better than before and the new technology, including being able to Bluetooth to my mobile phone and the TV is great.

Also, being rechargeable means I don’t have to worry about buying batteries or batteries running out just at the wrong time. I have downloaded the myPhonak App on my mobile and use it to control my hearing aids which is also a good benefit.

All in all, I’m really impressed with both the Marvel hearing aids and the excellent service I get from HAB Hearing.

Email by Paul F., Leeds, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Audeo M90-R

In my late 60s I realised my hearing was not as good as it used to be and was suffering from some hearing loss, probably for a year or two.

A lot of the time I couldn’t hear what people were saying & was forever saying “Pardon” and was always wanting the volume turning up on the TV etc.

My family realised I couldn’t hear as well as I used to & they frequently suggested I do something about it!

I did some research about hearing aids on the internet & also bought a book, “The Little Book of Hearing Aids” (which is a good book), prior to booking a hearing test/consultation, so I had an idea of brands, their features & prices.

I had a hearing test & consultation at the local hospital and my husband came with me. That consultation was alright but my husband & I weren’t reassured about their level of knowledge & experience.

We were going to be spending quite a bit of money on the hearing aids, so we wanted feel that whoever we bought them from really “knew their stuff”.

Someone suggested HAB Hearing, so we made an appointment with Paul, for a hearing test & to talk about hearing aids. We got an appointment with him very quickly.

Well, he was simply excellent. His knowledge was very good – he is familiar with quite a few ranges of aids and his knowledge of their various technical specifications is very good. We felt reassured about both his knowledge & customer service and we ordered a hearing aid the same day!

I have Phonak Audeo M aids and they are very good. The hearing aids were set at at initial level that Paul recommended but he said they could easily be adjusted, if need be, when I had chance to use them for a week or two.

Paul contacted me after I had the aid a couple of weeks to see how it was going. I had had a few teething problems such as picking up a lot of peripheral noises that seemed overly loud to me & prevented me from hearing what people were saying: – doors closing & chairs being moved & plates being put down in cafes – the “crackling” of pages being turned as my husband read the newspaper – the hum of fridges in the supermarket – the noise of people eating crisps out of a packet or eating prawn crackers, was very irritating!

Sometimes when I was talking to just one person, the sound of other people talking in the background seemed quite loud and affected my one-to-one conversation.

I made another appointment with Paul (and he was, by the way, able to see me very quickly, without me having to wait several days) and mentioned all these things to him.

It was no problem to him and he speedily adjusted the hearing aids. Since then he has contacted me a couple of times to ask how things are going.

Excellent service & I strongly recommend HAB Hearing!

Email by Susan G., Skipton, North Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Audeo M90-R

Good day to you, following Helen’s visit on Thursday when she fitted me with a pair of these hearing aids, I am now in a position to give you some first impressions.

My previous experience of hearing aids, with Oticon OPN1s and Phonak Audéo B90s had been less than satisfactory, both of these having suffered from an audible (to my ears at least) processing delay or latency which gave many sounds a nasty rattling character.

In the interests of satisfying my curiosity I measured this (because I can) and found the delay to be approximately 8 milliseconds and 6 milliseconds respectively.

Furthermore, the Oticon devices appeared to be applying a frequency shift of approximately 10Hz to frequencies above 1.25kHz, presumably as a feedback suppression measure, and this sounded pretty objectionable to my ear.

The Phonak aids on the other hand were processing the higher frequencies in a way that imparted a weird unnatural warbling sound to, for example, birdsong and the beeps coming from my various electronic devices.

My immediate impression of the Widex Evoke aids was that they sounded much more natural. There was no obvious delay, nor were there any strange distortions of high-frequency sounds.

Although my ears were already telling me what I wanted to know, I measured the delay of the Evoke 440s and found it to be in the region of 1.6 milliseconds, ie five times better in this respect than the Oticon devices and four times better than the Phonaks. This level of delay is entirely acceptable, ie imperceptible, to my ears.

Further listening served to confirm that whatever measures Widex are employing for feedback suppression, they are not , to my ears at least, audible.

I then explored the possibilities of the equaliser and the SoundSense Learn feature of the Evoke app, which I found easy to use and capable of further improving what was already quite acceptable sound. This capability alone sets the Widex devices apart from the others I’ve tried, which only offer alternative programmes and a volume control. I think Widex are on to a winner here.

Another area where the Widex hearing aids win is wind noise. I had been standing on top of Otley Chevin for a few minutes this morning in the gale before it dawned on me that there were no objectionable noises coming from my hearing aids.

Speech intelligibility is as far as I can say just as good with the Widex aids as the others.

These hearing aids do still have to pass the test of time, but my initial impressions are very favourable. Widex clearly have a different view compared to other manufacturers of how to build a hearing aid, and I like it very much.

Based on my experience so far, I would say that anyone with a background in music, recording or sound engineering would be well advised to try these hearing aids. And anyone else too.

So thank you to Widex for making them (please communicate my experiences to them) and to Helen for fitting them, and best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year.

**Update – Follow up in the New Year and no adjustments needed, Mr. Holt was entirely satisfied.

Email by Rod H., Otley, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Widex Evoke 440 Fusion

Hi Paul and Helen, hope you are both well. Just a few words to let you know how pleased I am with my new Titanium hearing aids!

What a difference they have made to my life. Although I am still getting used to them and trying really hard not to lip read as much, I am finding a them massive improvement. I have actually heard a bird sing for the first time in my life, I can hear a clock ticking on the wall (annoying at times!)

TV sounds a lot better and although I can hear without subtitles, I do still put them on at times for fear of missing out. This may take some time to get used to.

I love the fact that when I’m out in a busy music environment the aids turn themselves down to protect my ears!

I can have a conversation with my son when he is in his bedroom and I’m at bottom of stairs ( I no longer have to ask him to come to top of stairs so I can see his lips).

Group conversations are a lot easier too, it’s not perfect just yet but I think from a lifetime habit of lip reading I need to learn to use my ears properly rather than my eyes!

I would like to thank Helen especially for assessing me in my home rather than myself having to travel 15 miles or so to where you are based.

This I found was a massive help especially being a nurse and working 12 hour days and nights, much appreciated. I have some new found confidence and I don’t feel as conscious as I did when I wore my NHS behind the ear aid.

Thanks again and I’m sure you will see me again sometime in the future. Best wishes, Sue

Email by Sue S., Brighouse, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Virto B90 Titanium IIC