Invisible Hearing Aids

When we receive enquiries via our website for people enquiring about addressing their hearing loss, or perhaps looking to upgrade their existing hearing aids, a really common word we hear is ‘invisible’.

‘Invisible’ (translates in hearing aid speak as ‘IIC’, an acronym for ‘invisible in canal) seems to be the word that crops up more for people new to hearing aids.

When it comes to the supply of invisible IIC hearing aids there are factors we need to consider when you ask for our advice as hearing professionals.  Whether IIC hearing aids are suitable and appropriate for you as an individual depends on factors including your type and level of hearing loss, the shape and size of your ear canals (small, narrow, bendy or very waxy ear canals can rule out IIC), the features you are looking for, and the price range you can consider (also what you feel is an appropriate amount of money to spend too of course!).

We can steer you through these tricky considerations, and we have access to the whole wide range of IIC hearing aids available UK wide (unlike for instance all the high street retailers – they all […]

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What is Tinnitus?

Hi all, Helen here. Tinnitus is a common complaint for many of the customers I see so I decided to write this short blog. As always please leave any questions or comments and I will get back to you asap.


Tinnitus is defined as- “ringing or buzzing in the ears”. However this is quite a basic statement as it can also be a hissing, clicking or roaring sound, some people have even reported it sounded like music being played in the distance. This can present in both or just one ear and can vary in pitch and severity.

It affects many people and can often come hand in hand with a hearing loss, although there can be other causes of tinnitus too. In this blog I will be discussing the help available for tinnitus sufferers, which is as a result of hearing loss. For information on other types of tinnitus or for more information please visit the British Tinnitus Association –


People can experience tinnitus as a result of ear infections. When I was a child I suffered with ear infections and for me the first symptom I would get […]

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Phonak Roger Pen

Phonak Roger Pen is the heart of a Phonak Roger system. It is a lightweight, portable, sophisticated wireless microphone that helps people with a hearing loss to understand more speech when in noise, to hear better in reverberant environments, to hear better on the phone, and to overcome hearing at distance.

People love the discreet look of the Phonak Roger Pen, and it’s great for meetings and busy challenging acoustic environments.

Phonak Roger Pen is fully automatic, it works intuitively and yet is simple in use. It has an automatic microphone mode that enables you to zoom very precisely into the speech of an individual you want to hear, while at the same time automatically reducing background noise and wirelessly sending speech straight into your ears.

Roger overcomes a lot of the shortcomings of hearing aids alone. You can connect wirelessly to telephony, computers and many other audio devices for super clear speech.

Using Phonak Roger Pen in the right way can give a hearing aid user a very distinct hearing advantage over a normally hearing person in a number of scenarios, now that is clever technology!

Phonak Roger Pen can also be used alongside other Roger transmitters […]

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