Earol Olive Oil Spray


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Earol Olive Oil Spray – £6.95

A simple yet unique delivery system capable of dispensing a discrete unit dose of olive oil into the outer ear. It eliminates the need for the use of a dropper or cotton wool therefore significantly reducing spillage or waste.

In preparation for syringing, the NHS now recommend that olive oil is instilled into the auditory canal to soften the earwax. Earol has been specifically designed to simplify this process.

Earol has some unique features:

Larger bottle and actuator – making Earol easy to use, especially important for those with less dexterity

Tapered actuator – ensuring that it has limited access to the auditory canal to avoid any damage to the delicate mechanisms of the ear

Directed mist spray – administering the correct amount of olive oil to soften the ear wax without any mess or wastage

The bottle and label are transparent. This allows visibility of the oil inside and also gives an indication of the amount of oil remaining.

Earol can be used preventatively every few weeks to aid ear hygiene and maintain healthy ears.

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